clogged-guttersGutters serve an important function, working to channel rainwater and melting snow/ice away from your home. In a four-season region like Cincinnati, it’s especially essential to include gutter cleaning in both the spring and fall. Gutters easily become clogged with leaves, twigs, and other debris. This debris leads to water backup and the potential to cause serious damage to your property. The professionals at United Window Cleaning have identified the six most common areas of damage caused by clogged gutters. Read more »

dropsHard water stains on your home’s windows not only are unsightly, but can cause damage to the glass. The good news is that hard water stains can be avoided and if they’re already a problem, a professional window cleaning service like United Window Cleaning in Cincinnati, OH can help remove stubborn, unattractive stains to help your home look bright and inviting again.

What is Hard Water?

The USGS (U.S. Geological Survey) Water Science School defines hard water as water that’s, “High in dissolved minerals, both calcium and magnesium.” Hard water naturally occurs and depending on the area of the country, the hardness varies. Ohio and most of the Midwest have a higher concentration of hardness in comparison with the southern states and the East Coast. Read more »

rain drops on windowAs the final days of winter fade away, the chore list for spring is blooming with must-do tasks both inside and outside the home. One of the most important things to schedule is window cleaning. Window cleaning should be a spring priority as it’s essential home maintenance needed for multiple reasons.

Benefits of Spring Cleaning Windows

While clean windows help increase the curb appeal of your home, they also allow more streaming light to radiate inside creating warmth and brightness. An annual spring cleaning of your home’s windows has additional benefits. Throughout the winter, windows can accumulate dirt and grime. Come springtime, this build-up needs to be removed to prevent scratches and other damage to the window glass. Delaying or completely avoiding window cleaning may even lead to stains and marks on the windows. Read more »

Home DisastersIn the Midwest, winter can stretch on (and on and on). In our Cincinnati tristate area it’s not unusual to have several inches of snow and freezing temperatures well into March. At United Window Cleaning, we know you’re counting the days to spring, and so are we. But, while you’re waiting for those warmer days, don’t forget to protect your home against winter’s ravages.

With a little preventive maintenance and know-how, you can avoid winter home disasters, saving yourself headaches and money. Five of the most common triggers for winter home disasters include: Read more »

New Year's fireworksIt’s the New Year, time to look forward and time to think about making a few positive changes. Seems like everyone spends January making New Year resolutions. What if you were able to make not one but two and that both of these resolutions would be easy to keep and offer many benefits to your home?

Resolution 1: Resolve to wash your windows twice a year.

Resolution 2: Resolve to clean out your gutters at least annually.

These two resolutions can make a huge difference for your home and even your pocketbook. Read more »

Holiday season decorRetail giants delight all ages each year with magnificent holiday window displays. Decorating storefront windows to entertain and entice shoppers has been a tradition for more than a hundred years. From elegantly simple designs featuring garlands and lights to elaborate animated displays that bring Santa’s workshop to life, a decorated storefront window makes a business stand out.

Any size business can create a beautiful or whimsical holiday storefront without breaking the budget. We’ve put together some ideas to get you started. Read more »

success signAs the holiday season rapidly approaches the list of things to do seems to grow daily. Too much to do and too little time is a recipe for stress. The holidays should be joyful and stress-free! We can help take away some of the holiday hassle by helping you get your home ready to receive family and guests. Thorough window cleaning before hanging holiday decorations makes everything look more beautiful and bright.

Top Reasons Clean Windows Benefit Your Home

Beautifully cleaned windows can transform a home. A clean window not only looks stunning from the outside upping the curb appeal, but it’s one of the best ways to allow natural light to stream into the home. Natural light makes any room seem brighter and homier, especially during the chilly days of the holiday season. Read more »

paying for gutter cleaningGutters are essential for your home, working to control the flow of rainwater away from the roof, walls, and foundation. Clogged gutters means water can’t flow away from the home properly, which can lead to a variety of problems. Many of these problems can be quite costly.

Problems Caused by Clogged Gutters

Ignore your gutters, let them sit collecting leaves, twigs, seed pods, and other debris and soon you could have substantial damage to your home. The most common problems clogged gutters cause include: Read more »

stone homeWindow screens offer multiple benefits for your home, primarily allowing in fresh air while keeping bugs and natural debris out. However, there are benefits to removing the window screens each fall as the breezes begin to chill and winter looms in the near distance. Should you remove your window screens in the fall?

Consider five potential benefits to going screen-free in the fall and winter. Read more »

bird's nest near windowThe Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology reports that ornithologists have estimated about 100 million birds are killed every year by colliding with a window. Other birds hit windows when flying and fall to the ground stunned, but are able to recover and fly away, while others suffer internal injuries upon impact that leads to death later. The good news is you can do something to help the birds while safeguarding your windows from cracks and breaks.

Why Birds Fly Into Windows

Birds fly into windows for three basic reasons. Read more »