WindowsChoosing the best window to complement your home’s architectural style has the ability to enhance its beauty. In the United States, three of the most common home styles are the Tudor, the Craftsman, and the contemporary. Each of these distinctive home designs look best with certain types of windows.

The Tudor

One of the most easily recognizable homes on any street, the Tudor revival in the United States was at its height from the late 19th century until the mid 20th century. There was a resurgence in the late 20th century. Tudor homes have steep, pitched roofs, arched doorways embellished with stonework, and decorative half timbering. Other features may include additional decorative stonework around the windows.

Generally, traditional casement windows complement the architecture of a Tudor home. The hand crank of a casement window should keep with the original English Tudor look, a heavier style of crank. Decorative diamond patterns on the glass complete the look. Another option is a bay window in the living or dining room that faces street side. The bay window also should have the decorative diamond or divided lites — smaller panes of glass separated by thin wood strips.

The Craftsman

A Craftsman home mixes exterior materials like wood, stone, and even vinyl. The front porch has distinctive columns while the gable roof has a low pitch. It’s common to find traditional homes with Craftsman influence, whether it’s an open front porch with overhanging eaves or stone exterior. The average Craftsman home groups its windows, especially in the front. Standard, double-hung windows tend to look best with this style. They’re complementary plus functional and usually quite easy to clean.

Contemporary Homes

The contemporary home style can include many different architectural components. On average, the contemporary home allows in an ample amount of natural light. The design focuses on clean lines and elegant beauty. Expansive floor-to-ceiling windows or picture windows allow in maximum light and significantly help enhance the architecture’s elegance. Transoms, smaller windows that fit above a larger window, can add aesthetic value. HGTV calls transoms “the ‘eyebrow art’ of a window.” Contemporary homes also are ideal for skylights.

Importance of Window Cleaning for All Home Styles

Even the most elegant and newest home can lose curb appeal if its windows are dirty. Dirt and grime buildup on windows can etch glass and eventually lead to damage that may result in the need for window replacement. Regular window cleaning by a professional team is crucial for maintaining a home’s look. It’s especially important if the home is currently on the market — potential buyers prefer a property that’s clean and well kept. Window cleaning doesn’t have to be a dreaded chore. Rely on the trained teams from United Window Cleaning. Calling in the professionals means less hassle for you and it’s safer, no climbing ladders or struggling with cleaning equipment.

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