window cleaning in winterPlummeting winter temperatures are never a reason to skip window cleaning. Even during the coldest days of the year, it’s essential to keep up with routine window cleaning for your home or business. Clean windows do make a difference, offering several advantages whether it’s a residential or commercial building.

Advantages of Winter Window Cleaning

One of the biggest and most important advantages to cleaning windows during the winter is removing accumulated salt, grime, and dirt that over time can actually etch and damage the glass. Both your home and business can benefit from professional winter window cleaning. These benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Clean windows allow more light inside the home or business
  • More natural light allows you to use less artificial light, helping to reduce power bills
  • More natural light makes a room feel cheerier, especially during winter
  • Clean windows make a business look and feel more welcoming

On average, the winter season in our Cincinnati region sees less rainfall than the fall or spring. In addition, there’s usually less dust in the air during winter. These two factors combined are good news for your windows. Lack of dust and infrequent rainfall means that when you opt to have your windows cleaned in winter, the windows will stay cleaner longer.

Winter is Hardest Season for Window Cleaning

Because winter is the most difficult season to maintain clean windows, rely on professionals like our team at United Window Cleaning. The colder temperatures cause glass to contract. If the right products, tools, and methods are not used for winter window cleaning, the glass can crack or suffer damage. This is one of the main reasons a professional team is needed.

Look to United Window Cleaning for bonded and insured professionals who always wear clear identification when they visit your home or business, any time of year. Our teams customize each window cleaning procedure to assure the best, streak-free job is completed. Winter grime will be removed along with any salt residue that can land on windows during the winter season. Your windows will soon sparkle and allow in streams of natural light to brighten the interior.

Allowing professionals to handle winter window cleaning also is a safer option. Pro window cleaners have the right equipment to safely get the job done, whether it’s a single-story home or a multi-level commercial building. You don’t have to fight the elements or worry about trudging around the building in snow. Let the professionals gear up and take care of your windows.

United Window Cleaning is a local business, serving the greater Cincinnati area for almost 100 years. We schedule window cleaning appointments year round and promise that even in winter we’ll deliver only the best service. Contact us today to schedule your winter window cleaning appointment.