commercial business windowEvery commercial business strives daily to put its best face forward. Dirt and grime-covered windows create an unkempt appearance for a building and make a negative impression on guests, visitors, customers, and even the casual passerby. You only have one chance to make a first impression. Regular window cleaning is a must to add to a commercial property’s maintenance schedule.

Importance of Keeping Commercial Windows Clean

Impressions can make or break a business. Diners looking to enjoy a meal at your restaurant will turn away if greeted with grime-coated windows. A new patient to a dental office is more likely to cancel an appointment if the exterior of the building, including the windows, appear dirty. A retail store’s great window display will not entice customers if the glass is streaked or grimy. Keeping your commercial windows clean with no streaking creates a positive impression on everyone that enters your business or passes by. Clean windows allow in natural sunlight enhancing the look of your products and decor plus it brightens the workspace for employees.

Why Grime Coats Commercial Windows

Many commercial businesses are more susceptible to dirt and grime on their building windows because of their location. Businesses located in downtown, high-traffic metropolitan areas are more likely to suffer from the effects of air-borne pollutants, which often result in grimy residue on windows. Any business located close to an active construction site will find its windows regularly coated with dust, dirt, and grime as well.

In addition, common concrete buildings actually streak over time. It’s possible to see these vertical streaks along the side of the concrete. This streaking can flow onto the building’s windows as well, etching the glass and eventually causing damage. This concrete mineral deposit needs to be removed from the windows before damage can occur.

During the long Midwest winters, all windows suffer. Salt spray from the street, grime from dirty snow, and other seasonal grit can coat windows of all types. It’s essential to remove this dirt and any particulates from the windows to help avoid etching and other damage.

Rely on Professional Cleaning for Commercial Windows

Professional window cleaning services help keep your commercial property looking fresh and welcoming year-round. In the Cincinnati area, rely on United Window Cleaning. Instead of risking your own employees doing the job, let our window cleaning professionals handle it safely and with the right equipment and products. Every United Window Cleaning professional is fully trained, insured, and able to provide the highest level of quality commercial cleaning available that includes:

  • Prompt, reliable service
  • Uniformed, trained technicians
  • Exceptional service and high-quality cleaning products
  • Thorough, always streak-free window cleaning
  • Service to two- and three-story buildings
  • New construction clean-up
  • Unbeatable pricing

Look to United Window Cleaning for commercial store fronts, offices, schools, medical facilities, restaurants, and other businesses. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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