bird's nest near windowThe Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology reports that ornithologists have estimated about 100 million birds are killed every year by colliding with a window. Other birds hit windows when flying and fall to the ground stunned, but are able to recover and fly away, while others suffer internal injuries upon impact that leads to death later. The good news is you can do something to help the birds while safeguarding your windows from cracks and breaks.

Why Birds Fly Into Windows

Birds fly into windows for three basic reasons. Read more »

window cleaningWhether your home has 14 windows or 44, the chore of cleaning each can seem daunting. The problem with dirty windows is that unless you decide to keep the blinds or curtains closed 24/7, you’re going to have to actually look at those dusty, smudged-up panes of glass. For many households, window cleaning typically falls into the seasonal chore category. But what do the home and cleaning experts recommend?

How Often Should Windows Be Cleaned?

CNN put together a list of how often certain things in and around the home should be cleaned. Read more »

potted plants in windowThere is nothing like sparkling clean windows to brighten up a home! Our Cincinnati area customers rave about how wonderful their homes looks after our team performs our residential window cleaning services. Sometimes, however, we hear from our customers that they find it a little difficult to maintain that look between cleanings.

Here are three simple window cleaning tips that will help you maintain that fresh look between cleanings: Read more »

windowpane rain dropsHave you noticed a cloudy or foggy haze on your window that no amount of inside or outside cleaning will remove? The problem is moisture between double or triple glass panes, typically due to a broken window seal.

A number of factors can cause window seal failure, including improper installation, degradation from dirt and debris, high winds, or in the case of southern facing windows, the constant exposure to heat from the sun. Read more »

dandelion spring pollen seasonThe blossoms and flowers of spring are beautiful to see and smell, but along with the fragrance comes something less enjoyable in the air – pollen. When warm weather comes to Cincinnati, so does that yellow sticky stuff that coats home exteriors and outdoor living areas. Trying to keep up with cleaning pollen is a pain, but if you let it accumulate too long, it can become especially difficult to remove from places like your windows. Now that the spring pollen is finally slowing down, it is a good time to clean your home’s windows and screens so they are ready for open-window Cincinnati summer days.

Why does pollen make windows such a mess? Read more »

Spring is a great time to get your gutters ready for summer. In addition to new budding branch and leaf debris, there is likely to be a lot of accumulation in your gutters from the winter months. Overloaded gutters can cause water to overflow, eroding the landscape and causing water damage to the home. Gutter cleaning assures your gutters are clear and free to do their job. If you plan to tackle the task of gutter cleaning yourself, there are some important things to keep in mind.

Safety while doing the job should be your first and foremost concern. Read more »

potted plants in windowAlong with adding character and personality to your home, your windows bring light and fresh air into your living spaces. While windows can add much to your home they can also take something away – energy efficiency. If you are looking for a way to get your heating and cooling bills under control, you may find opportunities with your windows.

According to, windows can “account for 10% to 25% of your heating bill by letting heat out.” They suggest the key to saving energy and improving efficiency is to look at the individual factors that contribute to your home’s energy system. Read more »

spring cleaningThe days are getting warmer and brighter – let the light shine through with spring window cleaning! Sparkling clean windows make any home look better, inside and out. Window cleaning is a great way to get in gear for spring cleaning and preparing for sunnier days.

This is a great time of year to undo the winter hang-over of dirt and grime residue left on your home. Not only that, it is important to check for cracks in sealant or caulking, which may have resulted from ice and freezing temperatures. You want to get any cracks filled before the heavy spring rains set in. Read more »

icicles on guttersWinter can be a dangerous time for your home. Snow accumulation on your roof that melts and refreezes can lead to ice dams, which can be a serious problem for your gutters and roof. This is especially true considering the crazy back and forth weather we’ve been having in the Cincinnati area. In addition to fluctuating temperatures, heat from the roof can exacerbate this melting and refreezing effect.

Ice dams form along your roof line as roof top snow melts and refreezes. The reason why ice dams are so serious is because they block gutters and prevent water’s ability to drain from the roof. Read more »

window cleaningMaintaining an impressive home or business facility includes keeping windows clean and streak-free. Unfortunately for many home and business owners, time and limited labor resources make it a challenge to keep windows well-maintained. Professional window cleaning services offer an efficient and dependable solution.

Choosing the right professional window cleaning service to manage your needs is important. How do you determine which company will best serve your needs? Ask these five simple questions to learn more about a prospective window cleaning business and what they have to offer you: Read more »