Image of a house on a street during a winter storm

Certain home chores tend to be ignored as we move further into winter, trudging through snow, sleet, and wind-chill temperatures that send icy blasts through even the thickest mittens and hats. Welcome to winter in Ohio. Before our Cincinnati region sinks into its own version of the arctic, there still is time to prepare your home’s windows for the onslaught of winter.

The top six ways to prepare your home’s windows for winter are:

1. Inspect All Windows

Before snow blankets the yard, it’s important to perform a visual inspection of all windows from the outside and inside. Look for cracks, gaps, and don’t forget to inspect the screens. If any of the screens do have tears or holes, get them fixed while they’re not in use over the colder months. Any windows with cracks also should be fixed or replaced as needed. Look for missing, broken, or rotting wood trim around the windows as well.

2. Add Storm Windows

According to How Stuff Works, the Natural Resources Defense Council has reported that storm windows can reduce heat loss as much as 25 to 50 percent. Storm windows may not be an option for some homes, but if you have them, now is the time to put them on. A window insulator kit, usually available at any hardware or home supply store, is another option for reducing heat loss if your home doesn’t have storm windows.

3. Eliminate Drafts

Did You Know? About one-third of your home’s heat gets lost through windows and doors.

Many windows have gaps where warm interior air can escape, and the cold from outside enters. Eliminating drafts from windows not only helps keep you warmer, it also can help lower heating costs and save energy. Use weatherstripping and waterproof caulk to block any gaps causing drafts.

4. Clean the Windows

Grit and grime that collects on windows has the potential to etch the glass, creating scratches and even cracks. Regular window washing works to reduce this and also helps provide a better flow of natural sunlight into the home year-round. During the busy pre-holiday and holiday season, let the professionals handle the window washing. United Window Cleaning will come out and make sure your windows sparkle like tinsel on the tree.

5. Plan for Condensation Control

When the indoor humidity levels are too high in a home during winter, the windows can sweat. This type of window condensation happens when moist, warm air from the inside meets the cold dry air from the outside. In winter, it’s often advised that a home’s relative humidity level should be about 40-percent. When temperatures dip below zero, the relative humidity should drop as well—keep it about 30-percent. A dehumidifier and fans can help to keep the humidity levels on target.

6. Safety Check: Lock All Windows

Throughout the spring, summer, and fall you’ve had the windows open to enjoy the fresh air. While performing your window inspection, also do a safety check and make sure all windows are locked. This is especially important if the windows have recently been unlocked for cleaning or repair.

It’s never too late in the season to take care of general window maintenance and cleaning. Let United Window Cleaning come out and do the work for you. Don’t forget that in addition to window cleaning, you can schedule cleanings for chandeliers, ceiling fans, and hard-to-reach skylights. Call us today at 513-721-5987 or make an appointment online.