professional window cleaning on high rise building

A real estate agent will tell you that a clean home will sell for more than one that’s been neglected. Curb appeal can also increase a home’s value as well, because, as we know—first impressions have an impact. Cleanliness and curb appeal also affect the impression customers, clients, and the public have about your business. But can professionally clean windows actually boost your profits?

Let’s look at five key benefits of professionally cleaned windows for your business, whether a private or public space.

Clean Windows Make That First Impression

First impressions actually do make a difference. A business with a cluttered entrance, trash on the sidewalk or in the parking area, and grime on the windows creates a negative impression. For businesses that rely on in-store customers, this can have a draining impact on sales, ultimately affecting profit margin. Rely on regular professional window cleaning to improve first impressions for anyone visiting your business.

Enhance the Business Image

Clean windows not only add curb appeal, but clean windows can help signal professionalism. Professionalism is essential for a business that wants to foster consumer confidence and trust, which are important components that often lead to increased sales.
Because we live in an increasingly digital age, if your business doesn’t photograph well its image can suffer. A clean, well-maintained exterior is essential for social-media photos and
posts. Whether it’s still images or video, clean windows are definitely Instagram-worthy!

Makes It Easier to Focus on Business Not Maintenance

When you’re running a business, getting buried in the details of its physical maintenance can take away significant time better spent working towards progress and profits. One solution is to hire professional window cleaners to take care of this particular area of maintenance. This type of outsourcing can have an important impact, from allowing you to focus on other areas of the business to enhance natural light, a mood booster for both employees and customers. Happy customers typically lead to increased profits.

Potential to Boost Employee Productivity

What about happy employees? When employees have a clean, safe environment to work in, their productivity naturally improves. A clean, safe work environment that includes clean windows, both exterior and interior, can be a healthier space with a reduction of allergens that contribute to respiratory issues. Healthier and happier employees tend to be absent less, stay with the company longer, and feel more connected to the team.

Helps Reduce Certain Liabilities

Did you know that a cleaner workspace helps to minimize certain health risks, which can lower the potential for employee lawsuits and financial losses? Dirt, grime, and particulates collect even on the interior of office windows. This dirt and grit can contribute to allergies and affect anyone with asthma or other respiratory issues.

Professionally cleaned windows can make a difference to your business. Let United Window Cleaning take care of your windows to help add curb appeal, boost employee mood, and enhance your business image. Schedule an appointment today.