Window cleaning, when done right, can help add value to your home. Clean windows improve curb appeal, allow for natural light to enter the home, and even help protect its energy efficiency. Keeping dirt and grime off windows helps reduce scratches and can help keep Low-E coating working properly.

Depending on the size of your home, the window placement, and your abilities, it’s often better to leave the window cleaning to the professionals. However, if you do plan to tackle some of the cleaning in your home, it’s important to have the right tools and techniques.

Must-Have Interior Cleaning Tools

Cleaning interior windows takes time and patience, but when the job is done, you will see a huge difference in the way the natural light enhances the space. But should you grab the vinegar and Sunday newspaper to clean that living room window glass? Depends on who you ask. The newspaper has long been regarded as an effective cleaning tool for glass. It’s durable, absorbable, and lint-free. However, today’s paper may not work as well as the daily news from 20 or 30 years ago.
Instead, look at these must-have interior window cleaning tools:

  • Dust-free, microfiber cloths
  • Commercial, streak-free cleaning solution
  • Squeegee

Must-Have Exterior Cleaning Tools

Cleaning the exterior windows doesn’t differ much from the interior. However, it’s likely you’ll need to wipe away things like cobwebs, bugs, and bits of natural debris. A soft-bristle broom is a good tool for this type of pre-cleaning and offers extra reach. Cleaning tools for exterior windows may include but are not limited to:

  • Dust-free, microfiber cloths
  • Commercial, streak-free cleaning solution
  • Long-handled squeegee
  • Garden hose
  • Commercial cleaning solution that attaches to the garden hose
  • Magnetic window cleaner
  • Sturdy ladder or step stool

You don’t need every one of these items, it’s a selection as all homes and window cleaning needs are unique. It’s recommended to look into which items may work best for your home and abilities before selecting or purchasing items.

Tips for Cleaning Blinds and Shutters

While windows may be the “eyes” of the home, the exterior shutters are an accessory that, when dirty, can bring down its overall appearance. Dusting and removing cobwebs from shutters are the first steps. A broom with soft bristles often works well for this task. Pressure-washing is not recommended as it can damage wood and vinyl shutters. Instead, rely on a bucket with a safe, commercial cleaning solution or a solution of mild dish detergent mixed with warm water. To clean the shutters, use a soft bristle brush.

For interior blinds, it’s often easiest to vacuum the dust with a soft-bristle attachment or individually wipe each slat with a microfiber cloth. However, the latter can take a lot of time. Avoid using dusting sprays on your interior window blinds as they can leave splotches or discoloration.

Avoid This

As mentioned above, pressure washing is not recommended for exterior shutters or windows as it can be too harsh and cause damage. In addition, it’s essential to avoid any cleaners with harmful chemicals that may etch glass, cause discoloration to wood frames and trim, and any type of abrasive cleaner or tool like steel wool that will scratch surfaces. Also, avoid razor blades for removing paint on windows or old caulk.

Safety First

Always consider safety first when attempting your own window cleaning. Exterior window cleaning that requires a step stool or ladder to reach heights can be dangerous, especially with uneven ground or surfaces. Never attempt to do this alone.

If you have any concerns or reservations about tackling window cleaning on your own, don’t. Leave it to the professionals. United Window Cleaning has been doing the job safely and correctly since 1919. Give us a call today, and we can schedule a time to get your windows cleaned without compromising safety and quality.