Skylights can add beauty and value to a home, offering additional natural light in rooms like kitchens, bathrooms, master bedrooms, and converted attics. Like any other window, the skylight needs regular care and maintenance. However, skylights are often out of reach for many homeowners. A professional window cleaning team is the best choice for skylight care because they can safely and properly clean and check for issues.

What do you need to know about skylight care? Our experts at United Window Cleaning have shared a few best tips for skylight maintenance, care, and cleaning.

Dealing with Dust, Dirt, and Debris

Dust, dirt, and debris collect naturally on window surfaces throughout your home, and the skylight is no exception. Rain can help wash away some, but it’s not enough. Windows and skylights need regular cleaning because the grime that collects on these surfaces can be damaging over time. Dust, dirt, and accumulated debris on the skylight can etch glass leading to cracks and causing scratches in materials like plastic or acrylic.

The interior side of the skylight also needs regular attention. Dust and dirt collects on the inside of the skylight, and if ignored, eventually will obscure the natural light and become unsightly. Grime build-up on the interior of the skylight also can affect the surface and reduce its long-term durability. Depending on the height and location, it may be possible to dust it weekly with an extension-style pole, but for both interior and exterior washing, it’s often safest to rely on a professional window cleaner.

Cleaning Recommendations for Different Skylight Materials

Whether your skylight is tempered glass, laminated glass, plastic, or acrylic, it requires regular cleaning and maintenance. In general, tempered or laminated glass skylights offer durability and respond well to routine cleaning. They can be etched over time if a cleaning schedule isn’t maintained. Staining from tree sap, berries, and bird droppings can also occur and may be difficult or impossible to remove if left untreated.

Plastic and acrylic skylights may have specific cleaning solutions and care when compared to glass. They’re often more susceptible to scratches and stains, requiring these types of skylights to need professional care on a routine maintenance schedule.

Maintenance Checks for Skylights

A maintenance check for a skylight, regardless of surface material, can include but is not limited to:

  • Surface cleaning and stain removal
  • Proper drying to eliminate streaking
  • Complete surface check for cracks, holes, scratches, and etching
  • Leak check at all contact points, flashing check
  • Gear and motor test/check for skylights with these functions

Professional Window Cleaning Benefits

A professional window cleaning team like the pros at United offer many benefits when it comes to skylight care. Skylights can be difficult to reach, but the professionals have the right equipment and training to get the job done safely. They also have the right cleaning products to properly care for your type of skylight and the techniques to get the job done correctly, the first time. United Window Cleaning offers several services, from all window types to chandelier and ceiling fan cleaning.

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