gutter cleaningGutters play an essential role for a healthy home, designed to divert rain and water flow away from the foundation. A clogged gutter cannot do its job. Rain and water flow must be able to travel through the gutter, into the downspout, and drain properly away from the home. If this does not happen, your home can suffer from foundation cracks, water in the basement/crawlspace, and roof damage.

There are multiple reasons to keep gutters clean. However, three of the top reasons for fall gutter cleaning include issues a homeowner may not think much about it until the problem develops and steps to fix it are needed.

1. Reduce Risk for Fall Flooding and Home Water Damage

While Aberdeen Reservoir in the state of Washington is considered the rainiest city in the contiguous United States with 130.6 inches of rainfall annually, our city of Cincinnati comes in at number eight in the list of large U.S. Cities where it rains more than 130 days a year, reports TripSavvy.

According to U.S. Climate Data, Cincinnati can be quite wet in the fall averaging more than three inches of rain for each month of September, October, and November. That means every fall, you can expect at least eight to nine inches of rainfall on average.

To reduce the risk of fall flooding and home water damage, gutters must be cleaned and repaired as needed. When water in a gutter hits a clog, it looks for the easiest way out. Often that’s overflow down the side of the house or seepage up and under the roof shingles. Overflow leads to water pooling at the foundation, seeping into any cracks and causing water/moisture issues in the basement or crawlspace.

2. Prevent Mold Growth

The overflow of rainwater from a clogged gutter can be a deluge during a heavy rainstorm or a slower, yet steady trickle that trails down the side of the house. Because of the cooler temperatures of the fall season and fewer days with high-heat sunlight, it takes longer for things to dry out. The longer moisture hangs around, the more likely mold develops. Mold can and does develop in as little as 24 to 48 hours, which is why it’s important to eliminate the conditions that increase the risk for mold growth.

3. Eliminate Dangerous Insect Nests

In the fall, gutters tend to become clogged with leaves, twigs, and other debris. This offers birds, rodents, and even some dangerous insects the perfect, ready-made habitat. Any pests that take up residence in your gutters are a problem requiring a call to a professional team of gutter cleaners. However, in the fall, it’s the pests you can’t see that can become a more serious issue. Insect eggs are laid in the gutter debris, some taking less time to develop, others developing over the winter months. This leads to a nest filled with spiders, mosquitoes, and even wood-destroying insects like termites and carpenter ants — two species you don’t want invading your home. Stinging insects like yellow jackets and wasps also like to build their colonies in clogged gutters and need to be removed.

For most homes, gutter cleaning is needed up to four times annually depending on the number of trees on the property. Fall should always be one of the seasons for this type of important home maintenance.

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