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Most rooms in your home have at least one to two windows, some may have three or more. They allow in fresh air plus natural light while providing a way to enjoy the outdoor scenery. These are the windows that you make the time to have cleaned regularly. But what about the other windows and glass surfaces in your home or business?

Everyday we walk past dozens of glass expanses that collect dust, dirt, and grime. These surfaces require regular cleaning as well. We know that regular window cleaning can help increase the window’s life and even add value to your home.
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The average two bedroom, two bathroom house has approximately 12 to 18 windows. Whether your home has more or less, the chore of window cleaning is something every homeowner has to consider, and then do. Major home chores, from power washing the privacy fence to pruning trees, and gutter clean-out take time and energy. Window cleaning is one of these major chores as well, and it’s one that can’t be overlooked. Read more »

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We’re given 24 hours in each day, 168 hours per week. That translates to 8,760 hours every year. What if you could take some of that time and use it for something you truly enjoy? It’s
possible to save time by hiring out certain chores, which then creates more opportunities to do the things you love.

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Modern Building

Every commercial building has maintenance requirements that can’t be ignored. It doesn’t matter if your building is multi-level, free-standing, or part of a complex, commercial structures need a combination of preventative and routine maintenance to reduce the general wear and tear on the exterior, major systems/equipment, and interior spaces used/occupied by employees, staff, and guests/customers.

Building Integrity

Brick exteriors require repointing (tuck pointing) every 25 to 30 years, or about every 50 years, depending on how Read more »

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Does regular window cleaning actually increase the lifespan of your home’s windows? In short, yes, absolutely.

Window glass has a porous surface that is affected by the elements. Residential windows are exposed daily to a variety of contaminants, both from the outside and inside of the home. It’s essential to have your home’s windows cleaned regularly, at least twice a year as general maintenance. Allowing dirt, grime, and other contaminants to linger on the Read more »

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Commercial window cleaning is a year-round business, because dirt and grime don’t take a holiday. In Cincinnati and its greater region, United Window Cleaning has served the commercial (and residential) community for 100 years. All businesses and non-residential buildings need regular window cleaning. It improves the aesthetic of the exterior, can help improve employee mood, and regular window cleaning even can help extend the life of the windows helping to save money on repair and premature replacement.

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Spring hits Ohio in waves—one day the temps refuse to climb above 35 degrees and two days later the sun is coaxing out the buds on the trees. Spring also is a great time to tackle outdoor home chores. Throughout the year, your home’s exterior withstands all the elements. However, dirt, grime, allergens, and other particulates collect on surfaces and need to be removed from the exterior, including decking, porches, and windows.

Pressure washing your home’s exterior in the spring is important and it has several benefits.

Reduces Allergens

According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology (ACAAI), “allergies are the 6th leading cause of Read more »

United Window Cleaning is a family business serving Cincinnati and the surrounding region. As a family business that originated in 1919, we value our connection with the community and strive to be the best neighbors we can, giving back to Tri-State region organizations and causes that need support. We know the value volunteering and charitable giving can make for a community as well as individuals. This is why we partner with various nonprofit organizations; not only to support their causes, but to make a direct impact on the community we call home.

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Business owners need confidence in their window cleaning company. Instilling that confidence requires more than just streak-free windows, although that should be a high priority as well. Commercial window cleaners must offer high-quality services performed by trained, insured professionals. United Window Cleaning gets that right, every time.

How We Do Commercial Window Cleaning

We know you want to present the best image of your business to the public. You go the extra mile to ensure your online presence sparkles, so it only makes sense that the physical space of your company also shines when visitors and customers arrive. If the windows are dusty or covered in grime, it doesn’t make a positive first impression. Commercial window cleaning makes it easier for your company to Read more »

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Glass windows of a home play an integral role in the structure’s form and design. Windows allow natural light to enter a home and make it easy for people within to enjoy the outside view. Their shape, size, and placement can make an aesthetic impact. But how did we get here? What’s the origin of our modern windows?

Ancient Glass Facts

According to History Of Glass, the Phoenician merchants in the Syrian region made the first glass around the year 5000 BC. However, there is archeological evidence that the first man-made glass was created in Egypt and Eastern Mesopotamia about 3500 BC. The craft of glass-making would Read more »