Phone sitting on desk in an office

Businesses need dependable cleaning services for more than just clearing away the dust and trash. Regular cleaning of both the exterior and interior of the business is a must. A clean workspace, shop, or service center offers multiple benefits for employees, guests, and customers.

Promotes a Safer and Healthier Work Environment

According to Psychology Today, researchers from Princeton University found that a cluttered space can make it harder to focus. A person’s visual cortex can become overwhelmed amid the clutter, the task-irrelevant objects create a distraction. This lowers efficiency and can also become a safety hazard.

Clutter and trash can become safety hazards quickly. Piles of packing materials, boxes, or other items can cause people to trip and are a potential threat to fire safety. A dependable cleaning service will have a protocol for the proper disposal of trash and other hazards. They’ll also use cleaning products that won’t be a health and safety hazard to employees and guests.

Regular, thorough cleaning of the workspace can help reduce the spread of disease. A cleaning team that disinfects the bathrooms, locker rooms, breakrooms, conference spaces, and other shared areas is crucial. It can help reduce lost time due to illness for your employees.

“Cold, flu and other related viruses may stay infectious for several hours to days, depending on where their droplets fall. Viruses generally stay active longer on stainless steel, plastic, and similar hard surfaces than on fabric and other soft surfaces,” states the Mayo Clinic.

Make sure to have your cleaning team sanitize hard surfaces that are frequently touched: doorknobs, lightswitches, desktops, copy machines, countertops, breakroom refrigerator handles, desktops, and phones.

Improve Employee Productivity

When the work environment is clutter-free, organized, and clean, it’s much easier for employees to focus on the task at hand. This leads to higher productivity. A lot of time can be lost if an employee has to navigate through a dirty work area to find necessary documents or other essential materials.

Boosts Moods

Think about when you clean your home. It makes you feel good, right? A clean environment, whether for work or play, can be a mood booster. Because we know windows, we also know that businesses that maintain regular window cleaning can benefit from the mood boost that sunlight naturally produces. Happier employees can lead to higher productivity.

Facilitates a More Professional Appearance

Customers and visitors to your business will feel more welcome in a clean space. For retailers and service centers, in particular, a clean and sanitized space is important. Customers are more apt to turn around and walk out of a business that has dirty windows, flooring, and dusty light fixtures. A regular and dependable cleaning service will tackle those areas and more.

Helps with Long-Term Cost Savings

Materials like upholstery, carpet and hardwood flooring need regular care and cleaning to maintain their appearance. If you skimp on cleaning, those items simply won’t last. Replacing items because they’ve been lost to wear and tear can eat into your budget. Investing in regularly scheduled cleaning services can end up saving you money in the long term.

Hiring a dependable general cleaning service can be a smart business move. However, don’t forget about other services that help maintain your professional building and workspace. Gutter and window cleaning are just two of the other services that need regular scheduling. Depending on the number of trees, gutter cleaning may only need to be scheduled for the fall and spring. Window cleaning, however, may need to be more frequent.

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