Business Window CleaningBusiness owners understand the importance of first impressions. If your business is in a location that your customers visit, the appearance of your building, storefront, or facility plays a huge role in making that first impression. One of the easiest ways you can instantly improve a structure’s appearance is to have sparkling clean windows.

We are frequently asked how often a business should schedule commercial window cleaning services. There are a number of things to think about in answering this question, and the answer is usually not the same for every business.  Here are some things to consider:

Type of Business

Restaurants should have windows cleaned most frequently – at least every two weeks. The windows of restaurants can get especially dirty, due to the excessive grease and moisture in the air. Patrons will find smudged and filthy windows off-putting and highly unappetizing.

Retail businesses that rely on foot traffic are most likely to be entered or passed by based on appearance. They should have windows cleaned monthly.

Clinics, physicians’ offices and healthcare facilities should have windows cleaned once a month. A well-maintained building and office will inspire confidence in patients that they will also be well-cared for and that they are in a healthy environment.

Office buildings can typically spread out window cleaning appointments to every other month or a few times a year. While window cleaning may not be needed as frequently, it is just as important in creating a favorable impression with visitors and business prospects.


Also having an impact on determining how often you should schedule commercial window cleaning service for your business are environmental factors such as the location of your facility and the type of landscaping you have. Structures that are located on busy streets or close to highways can get dirty much faster than those located on streets with low or moderate vehicle traffic. If your building landscaping includes sap or pollen producing trees and plants, or if there are heavily mulched areas near windows, it is likely that you will need window cleaning more often to maintain a desirable appearance.

Whatever your business, United Window Cleaning is here to serve you with dependable and professional Greater Cincinnati area commercial window cleaning services. Contact us to discuss your business needs or to schedule an appointment.