spring cleaningThe days are getting warmer and brighter – let the light shine through with spring window cleaning! Sparkling clean windows make any home look better, inside and out. Window cleaning is a great way to get in gear for spring cleaning and preparing for sunnier days.

This is a great time of year to undo the winter hang-over of dirt and grime residue left on your home. Not only that, it is important to check for cracks in sealant or caulking, which may have resulted from ice and freezing temperatures. You want to get any cracks filled before the heavy spring rains set in.

In addition to looking for compromised caulking or sealant, inspect the overall condition of your windows. Look for problems such as damaged screen, mold issues, dislodged weather stripping, or broken panes of glass. Get these problems taken care of now, so you can open your windows for spring, and keep them air-tight for AC season.

Before getting to the task of window cleaning, you will want to clean all of your window sills and screens. Neglecting this step before the actual window cleaning means after the first heavy rain, your windows will be dirty all over again. Take the time to wash the tracks of the windows and keep an eye out for damage or cracked areas. If you don’t find them now, every insect in the neighborhood will this summer. If locks stick, or a window is difficult to open or close, now is a good time to apply some lubricant.

Windows are an important feature of your home – in terms of aesthetics and function. Preparing your windows for spring will not only help your home look its best, it will also help prevent future problems.

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