Window cleaning saves money

The care and maintenance of the commercial building exterior is essential to the overall well-being of a business. The outside look of any business creates the first (and often lasting) impression for customers, guests, and even prospective new employees arriving for interviews. Clean windows make a difference, and a positive impression. Regularly scheduled, professional window washing also has the potential to save your business money in the long-term.

How Ignoring Window Issues Leads to Long-term Damage

Water can be one of the most damaging forces to commercial windows. Hard water, water with a high mineral count, is common in cities and areas of industrialization and has the power to damage glass windows of all types. Hard water typically contains high concentrations of calcium and magnesium which can have negative effects on glass.

For example, the minerals found in hard water can bond with the glass and leave unsightly stains. If ignored, the minerals etch the glass. Permanently etched glass suffers from reduced strength, which can lead to cracks and the need for costly repair and replacement.

Leakage at the flashing and seals are another issue that often leads to long-term damage and high-costs for a business. If ignored, water damage, corrosion, rot, and mold develop. These issues can result in costly repairs. The replacement of one window pane costs, on average, almost $300 according to HomeAdvisor. Tempered, impact-resistant, and other specialty glass used in commercial buildings can run much higher.

Steps to Prevent Window Damage

One of the most common causes of water stains and damage to commercial windows comes from sprinkler systems. These systems are ideal for keeping the landscaping looking lush and beautiful, but too often, the water hits the windows. With regular watering, the building windows can suffer damage. A few ways to reduce that damage include:

  • Redirection of the sprinkler heads to eliminate spray on the window glass
  • Use of the sprinkler system on calm, windless days only to reduce overspray onto windows
  • Elimination of sprinkler system if possible; opt for a non-spray solution like a drip system

Update and Increase Window Cleaning Schedule

Regular, professional window cleaning makes a difference for your business. Scheduling window cleaning services removes hard water and other stains before they create damage. If you can stop the damage before it happens, you save money in the long-term. Professional

teams like United Window Cleaning can come out, assess your situation, and determine the schedule that best suits your needs.

Determine Damage Extent with On-Site Inspection

Professional window cleaning services, like United, also can determine how much damage has occurred. On-site inspections by professional window cleaners can detect small chips and cracks and provide an evaluation of water leakage damage. Water leakage around windows is common, but the causes are not always easy to spot. That’s why it’s important to rely on trained professionals who can determine the extent of the damage as well as point to its cause and offer solutions.

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