AccordIf you are considering hiring someone in the Tri-State area for your window cleaning and gutter cleaning, you are probably researching all of the local options. If you are like most people, one priority that is high on your list is likely finding the best window cleaning and gutter cleaning pricing available. While it is smart to look for a great price, it is important to know what you are getting for your money. You need to make sure that your Cincinnati Window Cleaner is insured.

Though it might be tempting to hire a very inexpensive window cleaner, if the reason the window cleaner has low rates is because he is uninsured, you could end up paying a huge price for that cheap rate. Did you know that as a property owner, you are legally responsible for any accidents or injuries that occur involving an uninsured window cleaner, regardless of who is at fault? Depending on the extent of the damage, this could mean a life-changing situation for you that could have been easily prevented.

There are two types of insurance that you want to make sure your window cleaner has – workers’ compensation insurance and general liability insurance.