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You booked the window cleaning appointment—now what? It’s normal to have questions when hiring a team to come to your home for window cleaning. When hiring any service professionals, it’s less stressful to know what to expect before the team arrives. With United Window Cleaning, you’re in good hands from start to finish. To help ease your mind, here is what you can expect on the day of your window cleaning appointment.

1. Appointment Time Basics

Every United Window Cleaning appointment has a two-hour timeframe in which our team will arrive. This is your appointment time, and it’s scheduled at the time of booking. The two-hour timeframe isn’t the length of time the team will need to complete the job. Our well-equipped teams and fleet of service trucks allow us to create a highly efficient service schedule to accommodate your busy life. We know your time is valuable.

2. How Long Will It Take to Clean My Windows?

Every home is unique, which makes the length of time it takes to clean the windows variable. Factors that contribute to how long a cleaning session takes include but are not limited to:

  • Number of windows
  • Type of windows (ie: casement, triple-track storm windows, double-hung)
  • If there are storm windows
  • If other services like chandelier or skylight cleaning is requested

On average, you can expect a United Window Cleaning team to take approximately two to four hours to complete a residential job, inside and outside.

3. Do I Need to Be Home When My Windows Are Cleaned?

You will need to be home if you have scheduled our teams to clean the interior windows of your home. If only the exterior windows are being cleaned, then, you’re not required to be on property. However, you don’t have to leave. You can always be home when we’re cleaning your windows.

4. Never Worry About Your Yard and Landscaping

United Window Cleaning has been serving the region for 100 years. In that time, it is our unwavering professionalism and attention to detail that has customers returning season after season. We respect your property and when our teams are at your home, you never have to worry about damage to your yard or landscaping from our equipment.

5. Weather Can Create a Need to Reschedule

Storms are not uncommon, especially in the spring. For the safety of our technicians, we may reschedule your appointment if there are heavy rains and winds.

United Window Cleaning offers more than just interior and exterior window cleaning. You can schedule gutter cleaning along with your windows, and discounts may be available when the services are scheduled at the same time. We also clean mirrors, chandeliers, ceiling fans, skylights, and more.

To book your window cleaning appointment contact us at 513-721-5987 or use our online form.