gutter with leavesGutter cleaning often ranks towards the bottom of the chore list. It’s a daunting task, from maneuvering and climbing the ladder to removing debris and checking for proper drainage. It’s easy to ignore the chores we dislike, but gutter cleaning is essential. Debris like leaves, seed pods, twigs, and nests collect in the gutter. If left, this debris creates clogs and the water can’t flow to the downspout and divert properly away from the home.

If you don’t clean your gutters, many different and costly problems can occur over time.

Roof Leaks

Avoiding the task long-term puts your home at risk for shingle damage and roof leaks that can lead to water damage on the interior in the attic, insulation, and behind walls. When debris is left to linger in the gutter, water can back up to the roof and cause costly damage.

Basement Water Damage

Basement water damage from clogged gutters happens when overflow runs down the side of the house instead of through the downspout. Regular gutter cleaning and downspout inspection helps prevent this disaster. The gutters must have the right angle for the water to flow to the downspout and then the downspout must divert the water away from the house and foundation.

Mold Growth

Any intrusion of water or moisture into the attic, crawlspace, and basement can lead to mold growth. It only takes 24 to 48 hours for mold to grow on damp surfaces and it can be days before a homeowner realizes the gutter has clogged and water isn’t diverting away from the house as it should. Once mold intrudes into the home, both people and pets are at risk for problems like allergies and respiratory issues. For anyone with a compromised immune system, asthma, or other respiratory conditions, mold in the home is a serious problem and must be dealt with immediately.

Foundation Issues

Gutter clogs and downspouts not positioned correctly are a leading cause of foundation issues. The regular pooling of water along the foundation can result in foundation cracks and landscape erosion. Foundation cracks allow water/moisture into the basement or crawlspace, which leads to mold and structural damage that’s often expensive to repair.

Ice Dams and Icicles

Throughout the country cities like Cincinnati experience harsh winters with heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures. If you don’t clean the gutters, ice dams can form that push water up and under the shingles causing both exterior and interior damage. Thick and heavy icicles form more readily on clogged gutters because the water can’t flow to the downspout. Those icicles are dangerous to people and pets plus their weight can bend, crack, and pull the gutter away from the house.

Unwelcome Pests

Gutters collect leaves, twigs, and other natural debris—the favorite nesting materials for a variety of birds and small animals. Skipping gutter maintenance and cleaning is an open invitation to these critters. In addition, standing water in a clogged gutter also is a breeding ground for insects like mosquitoes.

Home Warranty Void

If you don’t clean your gutters regularly and something happens, your home insurance or home warranty may not cover the damages. Why risk expensive home damage or voiding a warranty because of a clogged gutter? Plan gutter cleaning at least two to four times a year, or more as needed if your property is heavily wooded.

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