window cleaning in winterThe coldest days of the year typically mean less time spent outdoors, but there still are exterior chores that need to be done and that includes window cleaning. Winter window cleaning comes with its own set of challenges due to the colder temperatures and in our Cincinnati area, the likelihood of snow cover. The good news is that Cincinnati sees more than 2,500 hours of sunshine annually and there are more days with rain than snow. On average, we see about 14-inches of snow each year, so it’s possible to get outside even during the bitter cold days of January and get those windows clean.

Reasons Why Winter Window Cleaning Is Important

Dirt and grime accumulate on window glass year-round. In winter, there’s the added detriment of salt spray as well depending on the window’s location. Any debris that lands on windows can cause etching and damage to the glass which can lead to expensive repairs. Removing these particulates from the glass has many advantages. Clean windows brighten the inside of the home during the short days of winter and the natural light helps add cheer. More natural light also means less need for artificial light, helping to reduce energy consumption.

Top Pro Tips for Window Cleaning in Winter

Before stepping outside to clean the windows, assemble your supplies. You may need something to brush snow away and to remove any accumulated ice. In addition, supplies needed include:

  • Waterproof gloves to protect hands (try layering rubber dish gloves over cotton or wool-lined gloves)
  • Regular dish soap and water
  • Bucket, squeegee, extension pole, several towels
  • Sturdy ladder and helper to help hold and move ladder

The best days to wash the windows in winter are when the temperatures are above freezing. If the temperatures are hovering at the freezing mark or have dipped below, add rubbing alcohol to the soap and water solution. Try a solution of 3:1, three parts soapy water to one part rubbing alcohol. The rubbing alcohol will help keep the soapy water from freezing. Your ratio may need to be adjusted depending on the temperature. When washing windows in in winter try these tips:

  • Clean dirt and debris from sills and tracks before washing glass panes
  • Work fast to reduce the chance of frosting
  • Clean expansive panes of windows, like picture windows, in sections
  • Squeegee from top to bottom, wiping the squeegee with a towel each stroke
  • Change towels frequently to avoid freezing, plus clean towels limit streaking

Professional Window Cleaners Work in Winter

If you’d prefer to remain tucked indoors with a crackling fire in the hearth while sipping a hot cocoa, you’re in luck. You can leave the winter window cleaning to the professionals. United Window Cleaning offers year-round window cleaning services for both homes and businesses. Whether you’re trying to spruce up your home before the entire family arrives for the holiday or you need your storefront window to gleam for those big sales days, we’ve got you covered.

Rely on United Window Cleaning for winter window washing by well-trained, courteous professionals. We’ll tackle any size home or building and use only the best and safest cleaning products. Contact us today at 513-721-5987 to schedule an appointment.