dandelion spring pollen seasonThe blossoms and flowers of spring are beautiful to see and smell, but along with the fragrance comes something less enjoyable in the air – pollen. When warm weather comes to Cincinnati, so does that yellow sticky stuff that coats home exteriors and outdoor living areas. Trying to keep up with cleaning pollen is a pain, but if you let it accumulate too long, it can become especially difficult to remove from places like your windows. Now that the spring pollen is finally slowing down, it is a good time to clean your home’s windows and screens so they are ready for open-window Cincinnati summer days.

Why does pollen make windows such a mess? Sticky pollen attracts dust and other fine debris, which builds up on the outside of your windows. After a few rains, this creates a grimy residue on the glass. This residue also collects on screens and in window sills, and remains trapped there. When a driving rain comes, it will wash dirt and grime from the screens and sills on to the windows and into the window channels. Not only does it look bad, it can also make windows stick or become difficult to open.

Many homeowners do not think about screen cleaning. If you have windows that you can pop down and clean from the inside of your house, you may never remove your screens. It is important to clean your screens, though, because clean screens mean cleaner windows, and your screens will also have a longer usable life if you keep them in good shape.

If you find the job of cleaning windows, sills, and screens is more than you are able to do yourself, or if you simply don’t have time to get it done, let the United Window Cleaning team do it for you. We keep homes throughout the Greater Cincinnati area looking great with our residential window cleaning services.

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