rain drops on windowAs the final days of winter fade away, the chore list for spring is blooming with must-do tasks both inside and outside the home. One of the most important things to schedule is window cleaning. Window cleaning should be a spring priority as it’s essential home maintenance needed for multiple reasons.

Benefits of Spring Cleaning Windows

While clean windows help increase the curb appeal of your home, they also allow more streaming light to radiate inside creating warmth and brightness. An annual spring cleaning of your home’s windows has additional benefits. Throughout the winter, windows can accumulate dirt and grime. Come springtime, this build-up needs to be removed to prevent scratches and other damage to the window glass. Delaying or completely avoiding window cleaning may even lead to stains and marks on the windows.

Window glass maintenance begins with cleaning. Keep the windows clean and you can avoid a lot of problems. Glass degradation is one of the biggest problems that may occur if windows are left untouched. Because glass is porous, contaminants like hard minerals from run-off and sprinkler systems plus oxidation from the window’s metal screens or frames all contribute to glass degradation.

Did you know? Rain water that flows over any type of surface, from roofing shingles to stained wood siding, can then deposit the minerals it picks up from those materials onto the porous glass of your windows.

How United Window Cleaning Can Help with Dirty Windows and Winter Damage

Professional window cleaning makes your life easier and home look beautiful. Professionals, like the teams at United Window Cleaning, have the expertise, experience, and right equipment to properly spring clean your windows to help reduce winter damage. We provide exceptional window cleaning for your home (or business) using only the most state-of-the-art technology and quality products. Our attention to details and safety always are on point regardless of the job size.

More Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Home

In addition to window cleaning this spring, it’s important to add gutter cleaning to task list. Even if you had the gutters cleaned out in the fall, a professional cleaning in spring can keep the drainage system flowing properly. During winter, debris like leaves and twigs blow into the gutters causing clogs that inhibit the flow of rainwater through the gutter and into the downspout that moves it away from the home. Gutters that back up cause moisture and water problems for the home’s roof, attic, windows, and more.

Other cleaning tips include:

  • Replace the HVAC filter
  • Dust and reverse all the ceiling fans so they run counter-clockwise or forward, which pushes the cool air down into the room
  • Clean all flooring, including steam cleaning carpets

Spring in our Cincinnati area is a wonderful time of year, on average filled with sunny days and warmer temperatures. Take advantage of the nicer weather to take care of a few home maintenance tasks like window and gutter cleaning. Contact us at United Window Cleaning today to schedule an appointment. Our professional teams are ready to come out and help you with that spring to-do list.