stone homeWindow screens offer multiple benefits for your home, primarily allowing in fresh air while keeping bugs and natural debris out. However, there are benefits to removing the window screens each fall as the breezes begin to chill and winter looms in the near distance. Should you remove your window screens in the fall?

Consider five potential benefits to going screen-free in the fall and winter.

Screens Off = Easier to Clean Windows

Like windows, the screens collect dust, dirt, and grime. Removing the screens makes it easier to clean the window glass as well as the screens. In addition, if you keep the screens off during the fall and winter, it’s also easier to do a quick, wipe-down of the windows even during the coldest time of year. Clean windows (and clean screens) allow sunlight into the home making things brighter and even warmer.

Pro Tip: Regularly cleaning windows and screens make it easier to spot any cracks or gaps that allow heat to escape and cold air to penetrate into your home.

Solar Heat Gain

You know it feels great to stand next to a window with streaming sun, especially when it’s cold outside. When screens are removed from the windows, it can help increase your potential for solar heat gain. Any amount of solar energy that penetrates the window glass helps warm a room. According to one study performed by the Midcoast Green Collaborative, a window with screens can block about 30 to 40 percent of solar heat energy.

Reduce Potential for Window Glass Stains

Window screens can and do break down/corrode over time. Cleaning the screens at least twice a year can help increase their longevity. If the screens are out of the windows during the fall and winter, it reduces their natural wear-and-tear. Why is this important? A corroding screen can leave stains on your window and frame over time.

Keep Snow and Ice at Bay

Wintry winds blow snow and ice up and into a home’s window. With a screen in place, the snow and ice can become trapped between the screen and window. Allowing the snow and ice to accumulate may damage the screen over time, causing it to sag, stretch, and even tear. Without the screen in place, the snow and ice are less likely to stick to the window.

Clear View

This last benefit of removing your screens in fall is very simple — no screens allow for a better and more clear view. On a fall day, it’s easier to look out a screen-free window and enjoy the vibrant colors of the leaves. Remove the screens and be rewarded with a clear view of your yard and the landscape.

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