Home with curb appeal

The average two bedroom, two bathroom house has approximately 12 to 18 windows. Whether your home has more or less, the chore of window cleaning is something every homeowner has to consider, and then do. Major home chores, from power washing the privacy fence to pruning trees, and gutter clean-out take time and energy. Window cleaning is one of these major chores as well, and it’s one that can’t be overlooked.

Remove Grime, Increase Window Life

Your home windows are exposed to contaminants from both exterior and interior sources. The surfaces are bombarded regularly with contaminants like dirt, dust, and lipids. Within these are a multitude of specific contaminants. Dirt is more than just soil, it can contain a range of organic materials, from salt to powder, and other minerals. Household (and outdoor) dust contains skin cells, pollen, and even fibers from man-made materials. Lipids include things like fingerprints and other oils.

Dirt, dust, and lipids come together as the villains of grime that collect on your windows. If left to accumulate, this grime can etch the glass and contribute to cracks. Regularly window cleaning works to remove this grime and help extend the life of the windows.

Boost Natural Light

Clean windows make it easier for natural light to flow into the home. More natural light can reduce energy needs, which is a booster to your home’s overall value. Increasing the natural light in your home can also boost your mood as well, which goes beyond any dollar value. Studies have shown that natural light can help increase your productivity, benefit vision, and even help you sleep better.

Time to Sell? Make the Most of Listing Pictures

More than five million homes, on average, sell in the United States each year. If you’re thinking of selling your home or have it on the market, it’s essential to consider the state of the windows. Selling a home in today’s digital market means dozens of pictures that showcase the beauty of the house. Dirty windows do not look good in showcase pictures, whether online or printed on a real estate flyer. Homes for sale with dirty windows look uncared for and can be a turn off for prospective buyers.

Enhance Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is important if you’re trying to sell your house, but it’s also something to consider even if you have no plans to move out of the neighborhood. Keeping up the exterior of your home and property enhances curb appeal, which in turn adds to the appeal of the neighborhood. These factors work together, and can have a positive affect on home values. Regular window cleaning is a must to help maintain your home’s curb appeal.

In today’s real estate market and economy, maintaining and increasing home value is something homeowners need to consider. While you may opt to tackle some of these value-boosting chores, window cleaning is one that’s best left to the professionals.

United Window Cleaning will send out a professional team to take care of your window cleaning needs, exterior and interior. You don’t have to worry about ladder-climbing, gathering the right cleaning products, or taking time from your busy schedule. Rely on the pros at United Window Cleaning, and schedule your appointment today.