New Year's fireworksIt’s the New Year, time to look forward and time to think about making a few positive changes. Seems like everyone spends January making New Year resolutions. What if you were able to make not one but two and that both of these resolutions would be easy to keep and offer many benefits to your home?

Resolution 1: Resolve to wash your windows twice a year.

Resolution 2: Resolve to clean out your gutters at least annually.

These two resolutions can make a huge difference for your home and even your pocketbook.

Benefits of Professional Window Washing

We know many homeowners choose DIY window washing, but in this New Year, let’s consider why some home projects are best performed by the professionals. You can soap up your home’s windows and rinse them off with the garden hose. That method or even those pricey cleaning solutions from the home improvement store will remove dirt, but it’s also not as effective as the commercial products, equipment, and techniques used by professionals like United Window Cleaning.

Other benefits to letting the professionals handle the window washing include:

  • Safer: The pros have the right equipment and training, important with multi-level homes. You always risk a fall or other accident tackling those upper story windows.
  • Increases your home’s curb appeal: Clean windows make the home look brighter and more welcoming, especially important if you’re selling it.
  • Allows in more light: Natural sunlight makes interior rooms look and feel homier.
  • Protects from damage: Dirt and debris build-up can scratch and damage your windows. A professional cleaning team like ours safely removes both.

Importance of Professional Gutter Cleaning

The gutters of your home play an important role. Its job is to capture any water shedding off the roof, while the downspout carries this water from the gutter and funnels it away from the home. However, more than just water collects in a home’s gutter. Leaves, trigs, trash, nests, and small animals can clog gutters and prevent the proper shed of water away from the home. Even a single-story home typically requires standing on a ladder to reach and clean the gutters properly, which always poses a safety issue. A multi-story home can be more hazardous. Professional gutter cleaners like our teams from United, have the necessary equipment and training to safely and properly clean your gutters, saving you time, hassle, and a potential slip off a ladder.

A clogged gutter means water can’t flow away from the home and this can cause numerous structural issues such as:

  • Pooling water around the foundation which leads to basement/crawl space water issues.
  • Pooling water around the foundation that weakens footings and cause cracks.
  • Clogged gutters that equal ice dams in winter, backing water up into the house causing damage to walls and ceilings.
  • Clogged gutters backs up water that can rot wood fascia.

To get started with these easy, good-for-your-home resolutions, call us today at United Window Cleaning. We’ve served the greater Cincinnati area for nearly a century and we’ll be happy to get your new year started off right.