Family cuddling and preparing to eat a holiday dinner

The holiday season is coming! For many, the holiday season kicks off in early to mid-November as prep for Thanksgiving and December celebrations like Christmas, Hanukkah, Las Posadas, Winter Solstice, Kwanzaa, and New Year’s Eve draw nearer. Before the holiday season begins, you’ll want to get your house prepped before family and friends arrive.

Whatever you’re celebrating—don’t miss National Cookie Day on December 4—there is sure to be a list of chores to do before the party can start. Save yourself time, energy, and hassle by hiring out a few of the big tasks.

General House Cleaning

Prep for the holiday season often means a deeper house cleaning than the standard quick pick-up clutter and vacuum the dust bunnies. A solid cleaning in each room, especially those that will be used by guests, is essential to help reduce the spread of germs. Top tips include:

  • Disinfectant wipes for a quick swipe over doorknobs, cabinet and drawer pulls, TV remotes, game controllers, and light switches.
  • Make time to clean the guest bathroom before and after the party/visitors. Disinfect all surfaces thoroughly.
  • Toss throw pillows in the dryer (if the tag says it’s allowable) to freshen and remove any dust.

Need help? Consider hiring a service to come in for one day to tackle some of the deep cleaning items.

Window Cleaning

Holiday lights add sparkle and elegance to your home, but if the lights spotlight dirty windows, the effect is ruined. Make window cleaning a pre-holiday season priority. Fall is the ideal time to schedule professional window cleaning for both the exterior and interior window glass.

Pro window cleaning teams like United’s can do more than windows. Let our teams handle skylights, chandeliers, mirrors, coach lights, and even hard-to-reach ceiling fans. Windows are a big chore and hiring it out saves headaches and energy, leaving you with more time to plan the party.

Gutter Cleaning

Like window cleaning, gutters are often a seasonal chore that we’d like to skip. However, after the last leaves fall, November can be the perfect time to get a professional team to clean the gutters. Hiring out gutter cleaning makes sense. You don’t have to invest in any equipment, climb ladders, or labor on the task. Professional gutter cleaning will remove the leaves, sticks, and debris that collect and can block rainwater from flowing freely away from the house.

Chimney Cleaning and Repair

As the weather gets colder, there’s nothing cozier than a crackling fire in the fireplace. Before you light the first logs, be sure to get a CSIA certified chimney sweep to come out. A professional will not only clean the fireplace thoroughly and safely, but they will also inspect for issues that may be a potential hazard. Repairs can be scheduled and completed before the first frosty day, so a warm, delightful fire can be enjoyed.

Get ready early for the holiday season this year by hiring out some of the biggest tasks. Remember United Window Cleaning handles both windows and gutters and is available for residential and commercial buildings. Schedule your cleaning today.