icicles on guttersWinter can be a dangerous time for your home. Snow accumulation on your roof that melts and refreezes can lead to ice dams, which can be a serious problem for your gutters and roof. This is especially true considering the crazy back and forth weather we’ve been having in the Cincinnati area. In addition to fluctuating temperatures, heat from the roof can exacerbate this melting and refreezing effect.

Ice dams form along your roof line as roof top snow melts and refreezes. The reason why ice dams are so serious is because they block gutters and prevent water’s ability to drain from the roof. Once ice dams form, they tend to thaw more slowly than the snow on the roof. This causes water to collect on the roof, and seep under the roof shingles, causing roof damage and leaks inside the house. In the meantime, the weight of ice accumulation in the gutters can weaken them and lead to possible gutter damage.

During cold winter months, it is important to check your gutters for signs of ice dam formations. Ice dams usually develop along the roof’s edge, depending on the style, orientation, and slope of the roof.  If you discover signs of ice dams, it is important to remove them as soon as possible. A roof rake can be an effective tool for the task, but depending on the severity of the ice dam, the process can be difficult and dangerous. If you are at all concerned about your ability to safely do the job considering hiring someone to do it.

While gutters do not cause ice dams, keeping gutters clean and clear will make it easier to manage problems that may occur. Let United Window Cleaning help you protect your home during all seasons with regular gutter cleaning services.