house end of summerThe end of the summer is one of the best times to clean the gutters of your home or business. Addressing any potential issues before the fall and winter seasons is essential. Look to a professional team, like United Window Cleaning, for comprehensive gutter cleaning. When it’s time for gutter cleaning at the end of summer, certain issues must be addressed.

Check for and Remove Nests
It’s not uncommon for birds and other small critters to build nests in gutters. These nests create a dam, causing problems when it rains. The nest blocks the water from flowing to the downspout and away from the house. Instead, water backs up and runs over the side of the gutter and down the house. In a heavy rainstorm, this excess of water near the home’s foundation can seep into the basement or crawlspace causing water damage. Nests also can force water to back up under shingles, creating issues in the attic.

Clear Natural Debris
Leaves, sticks, and seeds collect in gutters year-round. During the dog-days of summer when the heat is high and the rain in the forecast is minimal, the debris collects in gutters and sits. Like nests, this debris can act as a dam when rain does come. It’s best to clear the debris at the end of every summer and again after the fall season.

Clean Away Moss, Algae
Moss and algae can grow on gutters, especially in those areas that don’t see much daylight. Clean it from the gutters as part of the end-of-summer maintenance. This makes it easier to see if there are any cracks in the gutter. In addition, areas with a high concentration of moss or algae can indicate a leak.
Inspect for Damage and Leaks

During gutter cleaning, always check for damage and leaks. A professional team like the ones at United Window Cleaning inspect your gutters during each comprehensive cleaning. A gutter that leaks or isn’t positioned correctly can create serious and potentially expensive damage for your home.

Check for Proper Drainage
Any water traveling through your gutters should flow effortlessly into the downspouts. The downspouts should divert the water away from the house and its foundation. Proper drainage eliminates a range of issues, including water in the basement and mold growth.

Repair Damage
Once any damage has been identified, be sure to make proper repairs or replacements. The end of the summer season is the perfect time to replace gutters that have buckled, cracked, or otherwise failed. Having the gutters fixed before the fall and winter season can help reduce the risk of ice dams, basement moisture, and other issues later.

Rely on United Window Cleaning to take care of the end-of-summer gutter cleaning chores. We’ll remove leaves, nests, and other debris and ensure the water flows freely through the gutters, into the downspouts, and away from the home’s foundation. Let United Window Cleaning climb the ladders, handle the mess, and make this one seasonal chore that’s easy.