Leaking gutter

The first official day of Spring 2023 is Monday, March 20. We are less than two months from the official start of spring! While winter brings many cozy moments, spring brings the promise of new beginnings and fun summer days right around the corner. Spring also brings another round of seasonal chores for the homeowner. And at the top of that list should be—getting the gutters cleaned.

Rainy Season in Cincinnati: It’s Coming

Our region of Cincinnati has an average of 42.2 inches of precipitation every year. Precipitation in the form of rain, sleet, and snowfalls, on average, across 132 days annually here. On the flip side, we also get more than 2,500 hours of sunshine, which averages to about 107 days.

Fun Fact: Mobile, Alabama is considered the rainiest city in the United States according to World Population Review. It gets about 67 inches of rain each year. That’s 25 inches (two feet!) more rainfall every year than Cincinnati!

With spring approaching, it’s helpful to know that May typically is our wettest month, with the region receiving nearly five inches of precipitation during this time. Spring, in general, is the wettest season for Cincinnati, so it’s advisable to plan for outdoor chores as early as possible, in particular seasonal events—like gutter cleaning.

Benefits of Regular Gutter Cleaning

For most homes, gutters need to be cleaned at least twice a year. If a home has an abundance of trees on the property, gutter cleaning may need to be increased to three or four times. It’s important to think of gutter cleaning as something positive you’re doing for your home and your budget. Keeping the gutters free of leaves, twigs, and other debris allows the flow of water to move away from the home, which has multiple benefits. These include:

  • Helps keep the actual gutters intact longer. Remove the debris and there’s less wear and tear, saving you money on replacements.
  • Pests typically won’t build their home in a clean gutter.
  • Water can’t flow through a debris-filled gutter. This causes the water to spill over the sides and/or back up under the shingles. Water cascading down the side of the house can cause damage to windows, doors, and even basement flooding.
  • Increases curb appeal by giving the home a more manicured appearance and by stopping water overflow. There’s a minimization of paint, wood, and other cosmetic damage.

Should I Hire Professionals to Clean My Gutters?

Hiring professionals to clean your gutters can save you time, hassle, and potential injury. Look to professional teams like United Window Cleaning for help. Our professionals are fully trained and come prepared to get the job done right the first time. We’ll save you from having to shop for cleaning supplies, lugging heavy equipment, and climbing ladders that put you at risk of injury. All you need to do is schedule the appointment, we’ll handle the rest.

When Should I Get My Gutters Cleaned?

It’s recommended to have gutters cleaned twice a year: in the early spring and again in late fall before the first snow hits. With the current start of spring less than two months away, it’s time to think about scheduling your spring gutter cleaning appointment. Contact us today and we’ll make sure your spring gutter cleaning is scheduled and you’re ready for the new season.