rain drops on windowThe abundance of rain we have had this summer in the Cincinnati area may have you feeling like it is impossible to keep your windows clean. Although it may seem like rain is the culprit, in reality, the rain is not the actual problem. Dust, pollen, and other fine debris accumulates on the outside of your home’s windows. When the rain hits this dirt on your windows, it creates a grimy residue on the glass. If the windows are clean before the rain falls, the water simply dries and the windows are clear, because there is nothing to create the residue.

Another reason that your windows may look awful after a rain is dirty screens and window sills. A driving rain that hits your windows will wash dirt and grime from your screens and on to your windows. In the same way, dirty residue that is caked on a window sill splashes dingy water onto the window glass.

It is easy to neglect screen cleaning, especially if you have windows that you can pop down and clean from the inside of your house. It is well worth the effort, however, to take the screens down and thoroughly clean them on a regular basis. Not only will this help keep the windows cleaner, it will extend the usable life of your screens by keeping them in good condition.

If cleaning your windows, sills, and screens seems like a daunting task, or you simply don’t have time to tackle the project, let the United Window Cleaning team do it for you. We keep homes throughout the area looking great with our Greater Cincinnati residential window cleaning services. Give us a call and we’ll clean up those rainy day blues!