commercial business windowsFirst impressions are important. When guests and customers visit your business, it’s essential to make a positive first impression. Exterior and interior property maintenance, including professional window cleaning, is key for your commercial property. Professional window cleaning offers multiple benefits for your business.

Curb Appeal

Whether impressing a new client, attracting foot traffic, or even when recruiting new talent, the exterior of the business must have curb appeal. Dirty windows in particular create a poor impression, one that suggests you don’t care. Scheduling routine commercial window cleaning keeps the curb appeal fresh, bright, and welcoming.

Building Maintenance

Beyond aesthetics, window cleaning is a key component of general building maintenance. Dirt and grit that is allowed to accumulate on windows can etch the glass over time. Regular cleaning removes the grime, helping to reduce the risk for unattractive scratches and deep etchings that can crack the glass. Other environmental issues like hard water stains that develop from concrete leaching also affect windows. These stains can streak across the windows, leaving an ugly mess. If left untreated, the minerals deposited on the glass can cause damage.

In addition, a professional window cleaning service can recognize issues with deteriorating frames, seals, and glass integrity. A heads up on certain issues can help save on repair costs if caught early.

Employee Health and Productivity

A clean interior is a healthier work space for employees. Regular office cleaning, from flooring to a full scrub-down of the break room, helps keeps germs at bay and creates a more pleasant environment for employees as well as guests. Window cleaning must not be overlooked. Grime easily builds up on the inside and affects the look and feel of the space. Streak-free windows that employees can look out of throughout the day also can help boost productivity. The ability to look out a clean window and de-stress for a moment helps a person re-focus and feel energized.


Relying on employees to handle interior and exterior window cleaning poses safety issues. You don’t want an employee to fall off a ladder or crash through a window. A professional service like United Window Cleaners are the ideal choice for safe commercial window cleaning. Professional window cleaning teams have years of experience and special training to get the job done right the first time. Professionals also have access to the proper equipment and products that allow for a safe, comprehensive cleaning.

For all your commercial window cleaning needs, contact United Window Cleaning today. Our commercial window cleaning services are ideal for store fronts, office buildings, medical facilities, schools, restaurants, and new construction clean-ups. We’ve served the Cincinnati area since 1919 and you can count on us for outstanding service that fits your budget.