Upcycling offers the ability to create something new and usable out of something else that may have been headed for the recycling center or trash pile. Old windows can be the perfect item to upcycle or repurpose into something that’s new, usable, and a unique addition to your home décor.

Bathroom Mirrors

Those old windows with three panes of glass can be repurposed into a vintage-style bathroom mirror. The window glass is removed and replaced with mirrors. Before installing the mirrors into the window frame, you’ll have to decide if you want a rustic look or a smooth, freshly painted frame. It’ll depend on your bathroom’s décor and overall design.


Transforming an old window into a multi-section chalkboard is a great DIY project and a fun way to upcycle. Almost any type of wood or hard surface can be turned into a chalkboard with the help of chalkboard paint. A plywood that’ll fit into the window panes is a good idea, just be sure to sand the plywood before painting with the chalkboard paint. Ella Claire’s Chalkboard Maintenance 101 suggests using two good coats of chalkboard paint and making sure the first coat is dry before applying the second.

Coffee Table

If you’ve ever seen an episode of HGTV’s Flea Market Flip, it’s likely you’ve seen someone turning an old window into something really special — like a unique coffee table. The possibilities are endless with this repurposing idea because it truly can be custom designed for your home. The old window becomes the top of the coffee table, fitted to basic wooden base that has a storage space that doubles as a way to display mementos. A classic six-paned window works beautifully for this type of project, each pane then becomes a section to display a piece of a collection. The window top of the table lifts, allowing you to easily change out the items on display.


Upcycle those old windows into rustic headboards for a charming new look in the bedroom. Remove the glass and simply attach the window frame (finished to match your décor) as a wall-mounted headboard. For a child’s room, paint the window frame and add dimensional décor like butterflies or flowers, attached directly to the window frame.

Picture Frame

The six-pane windows transform into fun picture frames, an original way to display family photos or a collection of vacation photos. A weathered window frame may be the perfect way to show off your favorite beach photos or paint it a sleek black for a sophisticated frame for your black-and-white wedding photos.

If your DIY skills don’t extend to the creation of an upcycled old window project, consider hiring a professional. The experts at the Environmental Journal state, “Good upcycling is an art, you are buying a unique item designed and made by an artisan.” Here in the Cincinnati area, look to the Salvage Sisters Restoration and Interior Design for chic, custom pieces. They can take your old windows and transform them into something amazing and one-of-a-kind.

To keep your current windows looking great year-round, don’t forget to schedule an appointment for window cleaning services with United Window Cleaning. We’ll make sure all your windows look great.