Calm Bedroom

Stress levels have risen exponentially for many of us. Recent surveys by the American Institute of Stress and the American Psychological Association (A.P.A.) have shown that more adults are suffering from stress than a decade ago, citing stressors like the rising cost of necessities to job, family, and health stressors. About 76 percent of adults surveyed stated their health has been impacted by stress.

Reducing stress at home, even in small ways, can make a huge difference in your health and happiness. Let’s look at four ways to reduce stress at home.

Calming Color Palettes

Certain colors can invoke feelings of peace and calm, while others generate anxiety and some are simply—blah. To help reduce stress at home, consider using calming color palettes, especially in rooms like the bedroom and living room. Professional decorators suggest these palettes as some of the top choices for calming and tranquil colors:

  • Colors in nature, in particular blues and greens
  • Soothing pastels in lemon, sage, lilac, dusty rose, and light turquoise
  • Warm, earthy tones

Using color to calm doesn’t mean you have to paint the entire room that color. A room that’s painted neutral (gray, beige, white) can be enhanced with accessories and decor in a calming palette. From throw pillows and blankets to artwork, area rugs, window treatments, and even the choice of wood finishes, the decor makes a difference in the room’s ambiance.

Favorite Things Bring Positive Vibes

Surrounding yourself with your favorite things can create feelings of calm and happiness, which help chase the blahs and even stress away. Favorite things can bring positive vibes, so go ahead and happily display that vintage movie poster collection, the fabulous mugs you’ve brought home from each road trip, and whatever else brings you joy.

Establish Healthy Boundaries

Establishing healthy boundaries with other people living in your home can help eliminate stress and anxiety. Even if you live with the people you love most, stress can build if healthy boundaries don’t exist. From personal space to respecting each other’s belongings and agreeing upon shared chores or household tasks, communication is key. 

Healthy boundaries can’t be established and then maintained if there is a breakdown in communication. Talk to each other, strive to compromise, and remember that different things stress out different people. What may seem like a little thing to you, maybe a huge stressor to someone else.

Rely on Professionals for Project Help

After work, school, family commitments, and volunteer responsibilities, it can feel like there is zero time left for house projects, chores, or even much-needed downtime. To reduce some of the stress at home, rely on professionals for project help. Forget struggling to clean window treatments, opt for professional dry cleaning. Look to a lawn service to keep the grass mowed or the landscaping blooming beautifully. Rely on United Window Cleaning for both window and gutter cleaning—two big chores that are best done by professionals.

Don’t stress out, let United Window Cleaning take care of your windows, gutters, and even inside jobs like cleaning skylights, chandeliers, mirrors, ceiling fans, and other high dusting. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.