1Are you looking to drastically reduce your energy bill this spring and summer? United Window Cleaning knows the importance of saving money which is why we’ve come up with 4 ideas to help you do just that!

  • Tight Fitting Shades – Decorating a home is a very personal experience and choosing items such as drapes and shades can be a tricky process. While choosing which style, length, and design goes well with your home; make sure that they fit your window. A loose fitting shade can let in heat or cool air that is causing spikes in your energy bill.
  • Awnings – A small investment on awnings to place over your south and west facing windows can dramatically cool down your windows and your entire home in the summer. Be willing to invest long term into your home.
  • Color of Shades – In the warmer months, install white or brightly colored shades in your home to reflect the harsh rays of the sun. This will keep your home cool during blistering summer days.
  • Keep them Clean – Dirt can build up throughout the year on your windows which will put unneeded wear and tear on your home. The glass on your windows is a fragile point in your home and keeping them clean and durable with keep that energy bill down.

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