At United Window Cleaning, we strive to provide you the best service year round!  It’s our commitment to quality and affordability that has allowed us to serve the tristate area since 1919.  Check out the 5 benefits to choosing a trusted, local, family-owned company to take care of your windows.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

  1. Protecting Your Windows – When dirt and water cover your windows for months at a time, it puts unwanted pressure on one of the most fragile parts of your home. Regularly clearing this debris will extend the life of your windows.
  2. Take Away the Risk – Cleaning the outside of your windows seems like a simple task, but when you are balancing on a ladder as your 8-year-old supports you is not a risk that you should be taking.
  3. Quality of Your Home – When you see a clean set of windows every day, you will be motivated to keep your home looking clean and new.
  4. Saving Your Time – This seems like a non-issue for most, but if you plan on cleaning your windows correctly and with care, it will take hours to do yourself. By calling a professional you save on hours of prep work, buying supplies, and hanging out your windows for 4 hours in the cold.
  5. Inspires Your Neighborhood – We all know that there is an unspoken agreement in most neighborhoods about keeping the houses looking clean and appealing. By cleaning your windows you will help create an appealing neighborhood and inspire your neighbors to keep their houses as beautiful as yours.

If you would like to take the first step and hire a professional to clean your windows, call us today at 513-721-5987.